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Hi There!!! My name is Patricia Hartfield aka FoxxyP with (KIO) Knock It Off SC,  San Diego, CA and I happily run this blog part-time with my goal to build up to a successful full-time blog…

I came from a family of great cooks and my mother – may she R.I.P” was the best!!!  Everyone would always come to the house to get some of  mama’s cooking because she always cooked plenty!!! Someone was always stopping by or showing up to eat and was always welcomed and left with a full stomach & happy:)

My Family:

I came from the small town El Centro, CA and my mother would always try to teach me to cook, I would sometimes watch while she was cooking, but I was not interested in being stuck in the kitchen until I got older and moved to San Diego, CA into my own place.  The only thing I knew how to cook was a pot of beans and some spaghetti’s, so I figured I needed to learn how to cook because I had two children to take care of.  I would get on the phone and call my mother and ask her how to fix this dish and that – she would patiently talk me through the ingredients and steps over the phone.  After a while I fell in Love with cooking just to see people come to eat and I like my mother always had a house full of people especially on holidays!!!  I cooked everyday for my sons “except” Friday’s that was my day of R/R and we would get (pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, etc.) but I always cooked a nice Sunday Dinner.

My Background:

I am thankful I became a full time foodie.  I feel like God has walked all of my experiences with me to bring me to this point. It took me a while to discover what God has in mind for me and I thank God for everything, because without God I would be stuck.

My Rundown:

I started at a young age and worked for the government 29 years in Civil Service retiring in 2001. Getting bored after approximately 6 or 7 months not working, I started a Home Childcare Business after and did childcare for seven years and then went back to work part-time as a Security Officer but still wanted something different. I am a mother, grandmother, great grandmother, food blogger, entrepreneur and I am in the Mission & Jail Ministry at my church.  I love people and love helping people.

I started this food blog as a way to share some recipes and events with family, friends MC’s & Social Club Sisters.  I am in KIO (Knock It Off) Social Club and known as FoxxyP!!! I expect my blog to grow much larger and anytime is a good time to learn to cook.  My goal for this site  is for people around the world to really discover and love “Soul Food” and more.  I know it may be a big dream but that’s me – “Big Dreams.”

This is my personal website and all the recipes are tested and approved by family & friends.  Much of my knowledge & recipes came from phone calls with my mother.  I am so thankful to have amazing people in my life who loves to eat.  My ingredients are simple & easily accessible.

How I Got Started Cooking:

I wasn’t always excited about cooking.  Oh, my mother would try to get me in the kitchen to teach me but I wasn’t interested but when I left El Centro, CA and moved to San Diego, CA my mother wasn’t there to cook anymore.

I decided to improve my cooking skills and dove into various cookbooks adding my touch & plundered my mom’s recipes.  I discovered the joy of cooking & haven’t looked back.  My recipe collection continues to grow and I love to try new recipes that I will share.  I hope you enjoy this blog & food recipes that will become your family’s favorites..

Thank you for visiting my recipe blog, commenting, pinning & sharing.  Please come back soon!!!

Please Note:  This blog includes only my opinion & is not professional advice.  It is not intended to be a diet plan even though I try to sometimes post healthy recipes, please talk to your doctor for medical or dietary advice.  I am not liable if you eat too much of these delicious foods:)

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